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  1. Put Together

From the album To Keep Love Alive

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Put Together

You’re so comfortable in your skin
I see it while you’re walking around
Head held high, nose high
You never see the likes of the ground
You’re all alone but you never notice
Lonely but never show it

Sometime you cry while you sleep
Afraid of the absence of sound
The quiet voice in your head
The liar and his make believe crown
You need someone but you’d never say it
The truth is that you’re afraid to admit it

Will you lay it down
Your pride and your surrender
I can hear your cries
Though you seem so put together
You’re so close yet so far away

This act is so fleeting and tired
You’re forgetting what your beauty inspires
Why this constant game of pretend
You hardly seem to know who you are
And you’re all alone and I know you hate it
You force a smile even though you’re faking

Could you tell me when this all went wrong
Trading your heart for a fading crown