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  1. Simply

From the album To Keep Love Alive

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We have walked many shores
skipped rocks on endless lakes
With the stars shining over head
or the sun on your face

In the cold of December
or the heat in the summer wind
every time I looked at you
this story made sense

I watched you every step of the way
You’re so beautiful
simply beautiful

We will travel the world
experience God’s grace
You in my life
it takes my breath away

I chose to faithful
to our love I will be true
Your smile will bring joy to my heart
I'm captivated by you

I will thank God every step of the way
for unfailing love
and the love between us

And now I stand before you
the luckiest man alive
to have you as my bride
As my bride

Though the world has many paths
turns and hills along the way
This walk will be with you
for that smile on your face